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Concentrate Sweetie

My second attempt at learning to drive, and a new teacher, thus far I’d been doing well gaining on confidence and enjoying the new found freedom, and his company – perks to fucking the teacher. My main issue wasconcentration. And as he told me at my last lesson he had a plan for this.

Dressed for the occasion as always in my strappy summer dress, I slid into the driver’s side of the car as he smiled and said hello. as I do up my seat belt, before making my checks and moving off. as he directs me with the route he wants me to take I can feel his hand resting on my thigh gently stroking it ensuring that as he stroked the hem of my dress moved up, but not back down, as he leans over softly kissing my shoulder whilst also running his free hand through my hair.

‘No sweetie’ I try to say, feeling that it was most unfair that he was picking now to play when clearly I needed to be concentrating. ‘Just relax and concentrate Hun’ he said softly in my ear. before leaning back and moving my leg nearer to him, as I protest he reminds me that he is always in control, as he finishes draping my thigh over his, before returning to the earlier stroking, only on the inside of my thigh whilst slowly and gently working his way up,

I can feel my body start to quiver under his touch, enjoying his gentle stroking, and feeling pretty pleased with myself that I was still on the correct side of the road and was still feeling focused. slowly he starts tracing circles with his hand as he works his way up my thigh until he grazes my panties. I bite down hard on my lip as he starts to rub my pussy through my lacy black knickers, as a small moan escapes from me, out of the corner of my eye I see him unzip his trousers as he pulls his cock out to stroke himself whilst he is stroking me.

‘Baby your so mean’ I moan as he slips his hand in the side of my panties and shoves his fingers in my hole. ‘yeah, but you enjoy it’ he smiles back, ‘Concentrate sweetie’ he repeats with a huge grin on his face as the shock of his invasion causes me to swerve a little.

As he starts to slide his fingers up and down the slit of my now aching, wet cunt, stroking the slit gently from bottom to top, lingering a few seconds on my clit before stroking back down, with him on a mission now to have me as wet as possible whilst he strokes his cock clearly feeling happy with himself listening to my small moans escaping from me enjoying his touch.

Watching him stroke his cock as he works my pussy is making me even hornier, I am struggling to concentrate on road, as his fingers move inside my hole up my slit around my clit and back again and again I can feel myself swelling under his touch ‘oh you’re such a bad fucking boy’ I moan at him swerving again as I feel my climax come closer. he just looks at me and winks as he works his fingers in to my hole again, as my knuckles start to turn white from the sheer will power to keep a hold of the car and concentrate – I see a lay-by coming up and without indicating I pull off. I don’t care what he has to say about it at this point. before taking my leg back watching his face drop – ‘you can’t tease me like that and expect me to not react now can you?’.

‘Now you’re to finish what you started’ I said as I leaned his chair back ‘starting with that cock. it’s mine take your hands off it, and make yourself useful and fuck me with it’ as I climbed on top of him in the passenger seat. he didn’t need telling twice, thrusting his cock up into my wet pussy as I slid down on to him, fucking hard and fucking fast both of us moaning, as I started to moan his name loudly he grabs hold of my hair and pulls my face to him kissing me as I cum loudly capturing my moans, before I feel his cock start to throb inside me as I return the favour kissing him hard to capture his moans.

As he calms downs I say to him, ‘if you want my attention ask for it.’ he replies ‘where’s the fun in that when I’m fucking the student?’


The Sleepover

My heart was pounding in my chest, this was the closest to an anxiety attack that I had been in weeks, after cancelling with him the week before I couldn’t believe that he still wanted to meet me, or wanted to still date me – tonight was a special one and I was looking forward to it.

I didn’t know a huge amount about him, I knew his job was a social one, I knew his name and his eyes. he messaged me as I walked down from home to let me know he was here, I wrote back that I would be there now in a minute, which he was still chuckling about once I got in the car next to him, within seconds I felt at ease, I’m not sure if he was taller than I expected or if I was shorter! but he was as good looking as his picture, but I did not expect that South-English accent, every time he spoke made me want to melt

as he drove us to our destination we chatted, my anxiety long forgotten. until we parked up outside, this was a pretty classy place I’d not been anywhere this nice. and all at once the anxiety was back as he led me inside, I really wanted to kiss him, but held back, he ordered us a drink and we took a seat in the bar, which was lush with its Victorian fireplace chatting, before moving up to the restaurant for our meal, we laughed all the way through and before I knew it, it was gone 11pm and I was a lot more than tipsy.

he ordered another bottle of Merlot before he led me upstairs to the room y legs being much shorter than his meant I trailed behind. the room was huge, well bigger than my Uni accommodation – but that wasn’t hard. I started to panic again, sensing my panic he patted the empty side of the bed and told me to come sit, this was the moment I knew that the evening was not going to end with just a kiss and cwtch.

my heart was pounding I both needed and wanted to kiss him, but not seem to forward at the same time, so I just held his gaze as I downed another glass of wine my whole body was on pins, As I climbed into bed and laid next to him. he touched me for the first time that whole evening, a new and exciting touch that oddly felt familiar and like he’d been touching me all evening his arm around my shoulders his lips on mine my hands holding his face as we hungrily kissed, his free hand running gently up and down my side before he broke the kiss with his hand on my breast and whispered you have amazing breasts as he buried his face in to the twins.

as he came up for air he again started kissing me, I could feel how much he wanted me as he owned my mouth his lips were soft and his kisses were hard damn this man had passion and I wanted it. I couldn’t breath and as I broke from him I realised that somehow he had taken most of my clothes off, and my hand was in his trousers and his boxers his cock was already thick and hard as I stroked him feeling him become sticky with precum before leaning down to kiss it off.

I felt him slowly move down into my panties sliding his hand inside I knew how wet I was, I was excited for him to see his effect on me, he started to softly growl as he felt how wet my pussy was and before I could think or protest his fingers were exploring my warm wet hole whilst he kissed my mouth my neck before slowly travelling south nuzzling at my tits, his fingers became saturated with my juices as I lost my underwear and I unbuttoned and removed his shirt he took his fingers from my pussy and sucked my juices from his fingers before sharing with me. he pushed me back wards as his mouth hit my already aching cunt his tongue darting in and out from side to side then sucking on my clit as I gasped and wiggled moaning as he played with my clit with his tongue and his fingers in my pussy adding to the already soaking pussy, drenching the sheets some more.

please fuck me I asked, I needed to feel his cock in my pussy now, and I needed to feel him fuck me hard and fuck me fast, he needed no encouragement as he kissed up my body briefly visiting the twins again taking a mouthful of each one licking sucking and nibbling, as he ploughed his cock into my pussy. filling my sides, and pushing his full length into me, kissing my moans away as he slowly started to move his very hard thick cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy slowly getting harder and faster as I gasped and moaned he was enjoying figuring out exactly what it was I wanted and enjoyed, he needed no encouragement as he pounded my pussy time and again making me come 2 or 3 times before coming himself shooting his load and adding his juices to my already sopping pussy.

I wanted to please him as much as he had me, as I kissed down to his already naked cock kissing the tip before I filled my mouth with his meat dancing circles around the head, as he moaned I stopped to ask him if he wanted me to stop. ‘Don’t you fucking dare’ was the only response I got from him other than his moans for the next 10 minutes alternating sucks with swirls of my tongue around his head before filling my mouth as much as was possible, he slapped my arse so I would lift my pussy off the bed so he could stroke her and fuck it with his fingers as I sucked the other hand on my head as he started to thrust into mouth as well as push my head down on him. he was much bigger than I had been used to previously but I was determined to eat every single inch and fuck did he taste good.

his thick hard cock started to pulsate as his balls began to empty for the second time, I swallowed every drop before he rolled back on top of me and fucked me hard a second time sucking on the twins as he deliberately fucked me slowly but hard, alternating his tongue his fingers and his cock in my pussy making me cum several times over before cuming his self again for the third time, filling my pussy once more before licking his mess clean from my pussy, he came back up kissing me I enjoyed the taste of us both in his mouth.

he pulled me into him as we fell asleep but not before saying fuck that was the perfect end to our date…. TBC