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The Get Away Pt 1

An evening away me and him, I packed the big bag with the goodies I would need for the evening. smiling as I did so knowing full well he would enjoy what I had in mind for the evening’s festivities.

10 minutes and he was going to be outside I figured I should get dressed. panties were not going to be needed so I removed them as I take the uniform of choice from the wardrobe, a lush dark blue, complete with hat, badge and cuffs, only just long enough to cover my arse as I did up the buttons knowing that it didn’t quite fit and the top two buttons would remain undone, not that he would mind I thought as it was an excellent view of the twins. I teamed my uniform with my black heels feeling every bit as in charge as my police woman’s outfit made me feel. feeling disappointed as I put my long cardigan on and tied it at my waist so he wouldn’t see anything before I wanted him too.

It wasn’t a long drive to the place that had been chosen for the evening. as he booked us I stood just in front of him stroking his cock through his trousers feeling him harden under the light touch of my fingers and suck in his breath so he didn’t make a noise so as not to give an indication of what I was up to.

He asked for directions to the room, I had to admire his resolve and the steadiness of his voice knowing full well the effect my fingers were having on him. he looked down at me and just smiles. that’s when I know he thinks I’m in trouble this evening.

He ushers me into our room throws the bag on the chair before pinning me against the wall kissing me hard as his hand slides up my body to the belt of my cardigan before removing it taking a step back and looking at what I was wearing, before he stepped back into me kissing me hard as he had a good feel up of the twins before sliding down my body and up my skirt discovering I had no panties on he turned me around bent me over the bed whilst fingering my already wet pussy before removing his fingers and running his hand down my leg whilst encouraging me to lift it at the same time bending me forward slamming his hard thick cock easily into my hot wet pussy fucking me hard and fast, the twins swinging. whilst he strokes my clit. I feel his cock tense up inside me just as he shots his cum into me I hit my climax almost knocking me off my feet the intensity is amazing.

I turn around to him pull him around and push him on to the bed taking my cuffs off my belt I settle my pussy over his face as cuff him to the bed, feeling his tongue darting in and out licking and sucking all over my cunt pausing my job at hand to cum on his face.

As I moved down his body I kissed him hard tasting myself on him and his juices mixed in with them. before kissing down his body, I could feel his body shake beneath mine, by the time I reached his cock it was hard again standing proudly as I licked the tip of his cock I looked up to him and as I slid my mouth down his cock I watched as his head lulled backwards and a moan escape this giving me all the encouragement needed as I nibbled, sucked, licked and fucked his cock with my mouth listening to his moans grow louder as his body shook harder under my touch as his cock started to throb I quit sucking him and instead slid my already wet cunt down on to his hard cock, slowly, not wanting him to cum again just yet leaned forward taking my dress off over my head letting him lick and suck on each nipple before I slowly and deliberately started rocking back and forth grinding my pelvis against his feeling my climax coming I start to get harder and faster feeling him throb in my pussy as he thrusts into to me as I come down both bursting at the same time.

As I undo his hands I can see the glint in his eyes as he cuffs me to the bed…I was now his to use as he saw fit, as he whispered for that behaviour just now you are my dirty fuck toy and I intend to use and abuse you for the rest of the evening…. TBC



Dywn’s ASBO

I pride myself on having never gotten into trouble with the police, or been arrested.

except that one time in 2003…….

i was pregnant with DD1 around April (she was due following month) and during her pregnancy i had this craving for the smell of petrol it was like crack for me. And as a result i would often waddle down to the gas station at the end of my mam’s road during the night and just sit/stand and sniff that magical elixir.

It’s 3am in the forecourt at the petrol station… i’m just sat there sniffing, just considering getting up and waddling home, 3 police cars and a riot van screech up around me, scared me outta my life, one police officer yells, get up slowly. so i try to get up, he tells me not to have my hands anywhere he can’t see them.

‘Can i get a hand then please’ the lady officer helps me to my feet and 4 other officers start laughing. I am eight months pregnant i have a huge ball strapped to my middle, and i can barely waddle in a straight line, but these officers had been told i was gonna run, they were not expecting pregnant whale sized me.

They had also been told i was casing the station for a robbery…. either way i was placed in a police car and taken to the station, and given an ASBO which meant i was not allowed to be on the forecourt of any petrol station in the area between 10pm and 6am for 5 years.

And yes that Cashier happened to be a dude. Big thumbs up dude!

Concentrate Sweetie

My second attempt at learning to drive, and a new teacher, thus far I’d been doing well gaining on confidence and enjoying the new found freedom, and his company – perks to fucking the teacher. My main issue wasconcentration. And as he told me at my last lesson he had a plan for this.

Dressed for the occasion as always in my strappy summer dress, I slid into the driver’s side of the car as he smiled and said hello. as I do up my seat belt, before making my checks and moving off. as he directs me with the route he wants me to take I can feel his hand resting on my thigh gently stroking it ensuring that as he stroked the hem of my dress moved up, but not back down, as he leans over softly kissing my shoulder whilst also running his free hand through my hair.

‘No sweetie’ I try to say, feeling that it was most unfair that he was picking now to play when clearly I needed to be concentrating. ‘Just relax and concentrate Hun’ he said softly in my ear. before leaning back and moving my leg nearer to him, as I protest he reminds me that he is always in control, as he finishes draping my thigh over his, before returning to the earlier stroking, only on the inside of my thigh whilst slowly and gently working his way up,

I can feel my body start to quiver under his touch, enjoying his gentle stroking, and feeling pretty pleased with myself that I was still on the correct side of the road and was still feeling focused. slowly he starts tracing circles with his hand as he works his way up my thigh until he grazes my panties. I bite down hard on my lip as he starts to rub my pussy through my lacy black knickers, as a small moan escapes from me, out of the corner of my eye I see him unzip his trousers as he pulls his cock out to stroke himself whilst he is stroking me.

‘Baby your so mean’ I moan as he slips his hand in the side of my panties and shoves his fingers in my hole. ‘yeah, but you enjoy it’ he smiles back, ‘Concentrate sweetie’ he repeats with a huge grin on his face as the shock of his invasion causes me to swerve a little.

As he starts to slide his fingers up and down the slit of my now aching, wet cunt, stroking the slit gently from bottom to top, lingering a few seconds on my clit before stroking back down, with him on a mission now to have me as wet as possible whilst he strokes his cock clearly feeling happy with himself listening to my small moans escaping from me enjoying his touch.

Watching him stroke his cock as he works my pussy is making me even hornier, I am struggling to concentrate on road, as his fingers move inside my hole up my slit around my clit and back again and again I can feel myself swelling under his touch ‘oh you’re such a bad fucking boy’ I moan at him swerving again as I feel my climax come closer. he just looks at me and winks as he works his fingers in to my hole again, as my knuckles start to turn white from the sheer will power to keep a hold of the car and concentrate – I see a lay-by coming up and without indicating I pull off. I don’t care what he has to say about it at this point. before taking my leg back watching his face drop – ‘you can’t tease me like that and expect me to not react now can you?’.

‘Now you’re to finish what you started’ I said as I leaned his chair back ‘starting with that cock. it’s mine take your hands off it, and make yourself useful and fuck me with it’ as I climbed on top of him in the passenger seat. he didn’t need telling twice, thrusting his cock up into my wet pussy as I slid down on to him, fucking hard and fucking fast both of us moaning, as I started to moan his name loudly he grabs hold of my hair and pulls my face to him kissing me as I cum loudly capturing my moans, before I feel his cock start to throb inside me as I return the favour kissing him hard to capture his moans.

As he calms downs I say to him, ‘if you want my attention ask for it.’ he replies ‘where’s the fun in that when I’m fucking the student?’

The Sleepover

My heart was pounding in my chest, this was the closest to an anxiety attack that I had been in weeks, after cancelling with him the week before I couldn’t believe that he still wanted to meet me, or wanted to still date me – tonight was a special one and I was looking forward to it.

I didn’t know a huge amount about him, I knew his job was a social one, I knew his name and his eyes. he messaged me as I walked down from home to let me know he was here, I wrote back that I would be there now in a minute, which he was still chuckling about once I got in the car next to him, within seconds I felt at ease, I’m not sure if he was taller than I expected or if I was shorter! but he was as good looking as his picture, but I did not expect that South-English accent, every time he spoke made me want to melt

as he drove us to our destination we chatted, my anxiety long forgotten. until we parked up outside, this was a pretty classy place I’d not been anywhere this nice. and all at once the anxiety was back as he led me inside, I really wanted to kiss him, but held back, he ordered us a drink and we took a seat in the bar, which was lush with its Victorian fireplace chatting, before moving up to the restaurant for our meal, we laughed all the way through and before I knew it, it was gone 11pm and I was a lot more than tipsy.

he ordered another bottle of Merlot before he led me upstairs to the room y legs being much shorter than his meant I trailed behind. the room was huge, well bigger than my Uni accommodation – but that wasn’t hard. I started to panic again, sensing my panic he patted the empty side of the bed and told me to come sit, this was the moment I knew that the evening was not going to end with just a kiss and cwtch.

my heart was pounding I both needed and wanted to kiss him, but not seem to forward at the same time, so I just held his gaze as I downed another glass of wine my whole body was on pins, As I climbed into bed and laid next to him. he touched me for the first time that whole evening, a new and exciting touch that oddly felt familiar and like he’d been touching me all evening his arm around my shoulders his lips on mine my hands holding his face as we hungrily kissed, his free hand running gently up and down my side before he broke the kiss with his hand on my breast and whispered you have amazing breasts as he buried his face in to the twins.

as he came up for air he again started kissing me, I could feel how much he wanted me as he owned my mouth his lips were soft and his kisses were hard damn this man had passion and I wanted it. I couldn’t breath and as I broke from him I realised that somehow he had taken most of my clothes off, and my hand was in his trousers and his boxers his cock was already thick and hard as I stroked him feeling him become sticky with precum before leaning down to kiss it off.

I felt him slowly move down into my panties sliding his hand inside I knew how wet I was, I was excited for him to see his effect on me, he started to softly growl as he felt how wet my pussy was and before I could think or protest his fingers were exploring my warm wet hole whilst he kissed my mouth my neck before slowly travelling south nuzzling at my tits, his fingers became saturated with my juices as I lost my underwear and I unbuttoned and removed his shirt he took his fingers from my pussy and sucked my juices from his fingers before sharing with me. he pushed me back wards as his mouth hit my already aching cunt his tongue darting in and out from side to side then sucking on my clit as I gasped and wiggled moaning as he played with my clit with his tongue and his fingers in my pussy adding to the already soaking pussy, drenching the sheets some more.

please fuck me I asked, I needed to feel his cock in my pussy now, and I needed to feel him fuck me hard and fuck me fast, he needed no encouragement as he kissed up my body briefly visiting the twins again taking a mouthful of each one licking sucking and nibbling, as he ploughed his cock into my pussy. filling my sides, and pushing his full length into me, kissing my moans away as he slowly started to move his very hard thick cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy slowly getting harder and faster as I gasped and moaned he was enjoying figuring out exactly what it was I wanted and enjoyed, he needed no encouragement as he pounded my pussy time and again making me come 2 or 3 times before coming himself shooting his load and adding his juices to my already sopping pussy.

I wanted to please him as much as he had me, as I kissed down to his already naked cock kissing the tip before I filled my mouth with his meat dancing circles around the head, as he moaned I stopped to ask him if he wanted me to stop. ‘Don’t you fucking dare’ was the only response I got from him other than his moans for the next 10 minutes alternating sucks with swirls of my tongue around his head before filling my mouth as much as was possible, he slapped my arse so I would lift my pussy off the bed so he could stroke her and fuck it with his fingers as I sucked the other hand on my head as he started to thrust into mouth as well as push my head down on him. he was much bigger than I had been used to previously but I was determined to eat every single inch and fuck did he taste good.

his thick hard cock started to pulsate as his balls began to empty for the second time, I swallowed every drop before he rolled back on top of me and fucked me hard a second time sucking on the twins as he deliberately fucked me slowly but hard, alternating his tongue his fingers and his cock in my pussy making me cum several times over before cuming his self again for the third time, filling my pussy once more before licking his mess clean from my pussy, he came back up kissing me I enjoyed the taste of us both in his mouth.

he pulled me into him as we fell asleep but not before saying fuck that was the perfect end to our date…. TBC



The Tease

As I was getting ready this evening I was making sure to take my time, I knew he was looking forward to tonight as much as I had – it had been at least a week since we’d seen each other, so I knew it was going to be an intense evening. I straightened my hair and did my make-up, being sure to remember my scarlet red lipstick that he loved to see. Before looking to select a dress for the evening, I’d missed him and his magic and I wanted him to know it!

I selected the long but low cut black dress first off, then thought better of it and selected the short black dress that kept the twins under wraps. I collected my black stockings and my sheer white bra and panties and finished getting ready. As I walked down the stairs I could feel the hem of the dress dusting just below the top of my stockings – perfect length I thought. as I grabbed my shawl and popped my shoes on to go outside and wait for him to pick me up.

We arrived at the restaurant in good time I excused myself whilst he sorted our table as I nipped to the cloakroom, I choose the stall on the end as it had the most room, I wasn’t here to use to facilities, taking my jacket off I placed it on the floor so my dress didn’t get dirty sat down on it and stretched my legs wide so I could play with my pussy through my panties until they were pretty much see through – whilst he was around this never took me very long. feeling satisfied with my handy work I got up picked up my jacket and re-joined him in the foyer of the restaurant waiting for our table.

We were seated in the corner of the restaurant across a small table from each other, I scooted my chair back and adjusted my positioning so that he could see right up my dress to my obviously wet panties, he dropped his spoon on the floor, so I got up and walked around to where it was and with my back to him bent down and picked up his spoon – giving him a view of the wet panties and my arse, to which he placed his hands on my arse and with his thumb traced my pussy in one quick move causing me to take a sharp intake of breath and my already sensitive pussy become wetter. he got up and started to rearrange the table so that I was sitting next to him rather than across from him.

We both sat back down but under the table I felt his hand on my thigh slowly and gently stroking it, working his way up to my panties gently stroking my already wet and oozing pussy slit through the already wet fabric, before sliding his hand inside for the first time as he growled, enjoying the feel of my wetness on his fingers.

As he worked his way into my opening I started to panic slightly, rethinking my plan, whispering no, please not here, he just sat smiled and bough his thumb and finger together on my clit as I just gasped trying so hard not to moan as he made me come for the first time that evening. he carried on playing with my now extremely sensitive clit rolling this easily excitable part of my cunt between his finger and thumb, as I felt a second wave start to build instinctively felt my legs tighten together, still looking in his face I could see the smile get bigger. he knew the effect he was having on me, and wasn’t about to let up whilst placing 2 fingers in my deep hole and using his thumb to stroke the fire he had already started I felt all the breath in my body leave as the rolling wave started to crash squeezing my eyes shut tight, biting down on my lip for no sound to escape. as I came back down I realised that his hand had gone from my panties, I felt a little disappointed, but at the same time relived that he was giving me time to catch my breath.

He stretched across to me and whispered in my ear what he needed me to do next, as he excused himself from the table, I took admiration in that arse as it walked away and he knew it, before remembering that I had been given some instructions  as I attempted to move my legs still felt like jelly but somehow I managed to get up and followed him to the dark employees only corridor where he took hold of me owning my body with his hands and my thoughts with his mouth he pushed backwards into the employees only bathroom.

Heading for the private stall he pushed me inside first both locking the door and pinning me to the cold tiled wall in one move. removing my already drenched panties and planting kisses on my neck. fuck I could not move for the magic in him, he easily held my arms above my head as his other hand went south. slowly gently stroking making me moan a little I wanted more of what I had had at the table, I was rewarded `as he opted to finger fuck me harder as I grinded my pelvis against his hand, letting go of my hands knowing I was his he gently brushed the hair out of my face with that smug ‘I have you where I want you’ smile spreading across his face as I cum again twice in 12 seconds noisily, he’d given up trying to keep me quiet, and besides that was not his goal. as he kissed me from my forehead down to my breasts, before dropping to his knees and putting his head up the skirt of my dress before placing his mouth on my already saturated and well satisfied pussy, leaving me gasping for breaths in between  his tongue pounding my pussy darting in out, left right and sucking my clit before he started reworking my whole again with his fingers making me cum again and again lapping and swallowing every little bit of cum he created and there was lots just as he knew there would be, I had to stop him. I *needed* to taste him I needed to give to him as he had given to me. as he got back up licking my cum off all but one of his fingers opting to let me taste myself off his fingers.

He knew he owned me in that first instance but I wasn’t about to let the game be all about him tonight. as I managed to regain some of my thought processes I pushed him against the opposite wall whilst undoing his belt and trousers I started to massage his already very hard cock through his boxer shorts, before sinking to my knees, looking up to him with the innocent little girl look I took his cock out kissing and sucking the pre cum off the top of his cock whilst looking at him watching his head go back as he moaned and called me his dirty little girl before my mouth owned him, I knew that at this point I could get him to agree to anything, I was in charge and he was mine in this moment in as much as I had been his . as I sucked, licked his cock giving some gentle pressure all whilst swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, I’d lost count of the times he had moaned at my technique, he was certainly a happy camper as he grabbed a fistful of my hair to fuck my face thrusting deeper and harder into my mouth occasionally going deep enough to make me gag. I loved sucking his hard thick cock and I could feel him start to throb as he started emptying his load into my mouth waves of cum pumping into my mouth as I struggled to keep up with swallowing his all, as his orgasm started to slow he pulled me up level with his face to kiss me hard, before helping me look more presentable before heading back to the table.




The Dip

The leaves had left most of the tress and the smell of winter was on the air and although it was a crisp autumnal day there was a distinctly warm air around him and me as we walked through the dense woodland on a narrow dirt trail that started to incline as we walked further. the trees started to thicken, he took my hand as he sensed me start to panic from the claustrophobic feeling.

After another 10 or so minutes the trees began to thin out some, he let go of my hand and stepped out in front of me, I couldn’t help but admire that wiggle to his arse, as I started to day dream about him and his touch, watching in my mind him remove my clothing bit by bit, whilst I helped him out of his, the daydream made me sigh as I bumped into him. he had stopped and I was too busy undressing him in my mind to have noticed.

In front of us was a fairly densely wooded area with what looked like a large series of rocks, all of a sudden he started to remove his clothes,  come on, he said, strip off,  so I followed his example until I was just in my bra and panties, he took one look at what I still had on and said I want to take those off, as he reached around my back for the clasp to my bra I could feel his warm breath on my shoulder as I shivered slightly, he slipped my panties and bra off, in one motion.

before taking my hand and leading me up the rocks to the warm pool of water he had found, as I stepped in I felt the cool wind blow against my naked skin before he pulled me down beside him, the water was lush and incredibly soft, each little ripple feeling like his fingers whispering soft echoing touches over my submerged body.

as I rested my head on his shoulder I could feel his hands as they started moving over my body, every time he touched me I felt just like the first time he touched me, he gave the twins special attention, gently caressing, squeezing, brushing my nipples gently so they would stand to attention for him, as I moved my hand south brushing my thighs gently before I moved my hand to my pussy slowly stroking the slit before opening it and gently started rubbing my already swollen clit occasionally flicking it as he played with my breasts.

As he turns me around to face him as he does so he raises me up and slides me on his already hard cock, causing me to take a sharp breath, as instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist as he started to make small hard thrusting movements, with my tits now out of the water and at perfect height for his mouth he started sucking and nibbling on my nipples as he moved enjoying the moans and sighs, he can feel my pussy getting tighter he knows that these small moves and the licking and sucking will have me coming for sure, and just as I started climaxing he chose to stifle my scream with his mouth kissing me hungrily swallowing my sounds. as I come back down from my orgasm his face comes back into focus, and I can see his smug look of satisfaction on his face and know that he wasn’t even close to done with me as I protest at him pulling his hard thick cock out of my still pulsing pussy

he climbs backwards slightly settling himself on a rock that meant his cock was stood proudly above the water, knowing that I both loved tasting him and wanted to put a smile on his face I move forward towards to him running my hands up his thighs before I leaned in gently kissing and licking the little bit of pre-cum off his cock before I open my mouth and attempt to take the whole length in my mouth, he was bigger than I was used to but fuck did he taste good, I work my mouth up and down his hard cock occasionally looking him in the eye and watching that smile spread across his face between his moans, I opt to drop a hand down to my pussy and play with my clit bringing my already sensitive clit back up to orgasm but stopping just shy, as I enjoy sucking on his cock, I move my mouth fast and firmly swirling my tongue around your head feeling as he thrusts his cock into my mouth wanting to fuck my face as hard as he wanted to fuck my pussy. I could feel his cock start to pulsate as he starts to climax, with an ‘OH MY FUCK YEAH’ he filled my mouth 3 times over as I swallowed every last drop of his gift to me.

he pulls me up to his face and kisses me hard before telling me how naughty I was to play with myself, that was his pussy and it was his job to make me feel good as he put me across his knee and gave me 2 hard slaps on the arse before he sits me back up on his cock facing away from him pushes me forward so I am on my hands and knees and fucks my pussy hard and fast as he reaches around and pinches my nipples, both of us moaning, feeling myself tighten as he drives his thick hard cock into my pussy time and time again making me cum twice and scream his name. before he let himself go for the second time, moaning my name before removing his cock from my pussy so that he could lap up every last bit of cum he made me give him.

as we both climb back into the water he pulls me into him looks are me smiling as I look back not saying a word as we kissed lazily before we dozed happy and safe, before we get out, redress each other and headed home



Receptionist Initiation Pt1

It was my first day in my new job as a receptionist for a busy private Genealogical firm in the city, my new boss was big on punctuality he mentioned a few times during my training week that there were ‘consequences’ to tardiness, mistakes and a messy desk.

I was so nervous on my first day shadowing the current secretary in her daily activities before she left at the end of the week, my hands were trembling as I pulled the zip up on my tight mid-thigh length skirt I took a look in the mirror with my cream silk vest underneath my jacket I thought I really looked the part, slipping my nude stockings on and attaching them to the clasps on my suspender belt made me feel confident and sexy. slipping on my black heels and leaving the house to catch the train for the 4-mile commute into the city center.

I’m pretty sure at this point that every type of public transport is out to sabotage my first day, the train was running late, then the park and ride shuttle broke down so by the time I got the office I was a mess – my hair was a state, I had a hole in my stockings and I had managed to rip my jacket getting off the broken down bus, but I still managed to arrive with 3 minutes to spare and headed straight to the bathroom brushed and redid my hair the best I could losing the stockings and jacket to the bin, before realizing my ID card was still in the pocket I had to reach into the bin to fish my jacket out and as I bent over I swore I felt a hand on my arse just a soft tap ending in the cupping of my right cheek before a cheeky stroke down and towards my pussy followed by a small sigh as I got up to speak to the mysterious person I realized it was the lady I was spending the week shadowing, as she pushed me against the wall using one hand to hold my hands above my head she nudged my left foot with hers to open my legs wide, she planted her sweet soft lips on mine kissing me with a passion I had not felt before whilst her free hand moved slowly down my curves resting lightly on my left breast before giving it a squeeze, my head was spinning at this point, the kissing was amazing her fingers were touching parts of my skin that no man had ever been able to reach, as she reach up my shirt I felt my legs turn to mush as I felt her palm just gently brush against my incredibly wet panties, she released my hands from above my head and bought her other hand up to rest on my breast gently stroking my nipples through the material of my top my nipples standing to attention as I melted under this delicate touch, she whispered in my ear….. ‘you’ve passed stage one’


Good Moaning

As I walked in from the kitchen I could see him sat there on the sofa fiddling with his phone. I decided I wasn’t having this here I was half naked and that damn phone has his attention again.

I stand in front of him peeling off the clothes I had left on starting with my bright red panties, before easing myself out of my vest top and removing my matching bra, leaving me stood in front of him, naked, feeling the cool breeze from the open windows on my body I sighed a little before I sunk to my knees in front of him before grabbing his phone.

‘it’s my turn now sweetie’ I said as I placed his phone on silent and put it on the coffee table behind me he took one look at me and knew exactly what I meant as a smile spread across his face, he took me by my wrists and pulled me roughly towards him planting his lips on mine as I situated myself a knee either side of his legs before being pulled down into his lap with his hands either side of my hips guiding me to  comfortable position before producing my glass dildo from between his legs for him to use on me, he’d even remembered to chill it fuck my morning was complete as he pushed me back wards running his hands down my neck across my shoulders and running little patterns across my breasts gently tweaking each nipple before placing the ice cold glass on my clit and slowly working little circles with it, whilst he slowly and gently started to rub and stroke the rest of my slit before sliding two very cold and wet fingers into my hole gently stroking whilst I started to gently moan.

he opts to change it up as he decides to fuck my pussy with the cold glass starting off with slow, gentle full strokes of the dildo before alternating with harder faster strokes whilst also using his fingers to tickle my clit, before I knew it I was moaning and climaxing and as I squirted my juices all over his bare chest he pulled me back up to him planting kisses firmly on my mouth before moving down to my neck, then my breasts alternating between sucking and tweaking, licking and caressing, as I eased my tight wet cunt onto his hard throbbing cock, his hands on my arse giving me a firm slap now and then as we moved in rhythm together as I moved up he moved out and as I came down he slammed his cock into me giving me his full length making me scream each time until he tossed me onto the sofa and told me to get onto my hands and knees as he pounded his thick hard cock into my tight throbbing pussy I stroked my clit as he stroked my hole slapping my arse and growling deeper as he got closer…..


….. as I woke from my day dream back into my lecture I realized I’d been moaning and playing with my pussy as I had daydreamed of him


A Quiet Corner

Sunday afternoon at the shopping complex and he had opted to take me shopping, I needed something that would look as good on me as it did the floor, we’d already been around several shops looking and I just couldn’t find what I wanted.

as he and I got to the last shop it was pretty deserted, and only a pair of shop assistants were around, I headed over to the dressing rooms with my latest outfit, I took him by the hand – I *needed* his expert second opinion. as he held his hand out for my bag to hold I shook my head, I leaned into him and asked him if he wanted to do something, he looked at me puzzled at first, with a smile spreading across his face as it dawned on him as to what I meant, I whispered in his ear you are coming with me – and headed to the biggest stall in the dressing room area. Pushing him in ahead of me he was not supposed to be in here with me, but I felt such a rush knowing that we were going to be naughty, in public and that anyone could hear us.

trust me to have picked today to be the day that I opted to wear my tight jeans, trying to undo them and wiggle out of them was no quick process, I felt his hands make a move on me as one grabbed my arse the other went down the front of my jeans and into my knickers to fondle my wet pussy as he slapped my arse he whispered I bet I can get this off you much faster, as he pushed me back on the bench he manage to take my jeans and knickers off in one move whilst pushing my knees up started fucking my pussy with his tongue – as I felt him suck my clit I could feel myself let go – I hadn’t even realized how much I was moaning until he cupped my face with his hand said shhhhh. as he carried on eating my wet juicy pussy. making me cum in his mouth before we switched positions I needed to suck his hard cock, I knew how much making me cum turned him on and how hard it made him, I have no idea when his trousers were removed and to be fair I wasn’t interested as I kissed him deeply tasting my own juices in his mouth before I kissed my way down to his stomach and started stroking his already hard cock.

I softly kissed the head of his cock, before licking and kissing the length of his hard cock before taking his length in my mouth, and slowly starting to suck his cock, I could taste his pre-cum oozing out of his head as I sucked I could hear his breathing getting louder with the odd moan thrown in for good measure – sexiest noise I knew, as he started to growl between his moans I knew he was close and I started to quicken the pace at which I was sucking his cock as I felt him start to throb in my mouth my pussy started throbbing for him, I needed him inside me, as he cum in my mouth I swallowed all he had to give. as we swapped positions again he slammed me against the wall holding my arms above my head, kissing me hard and fast as he started to play with pussy again before turning me around and bending me over the bench fucked me hard and fast – neither of us caring now who heard us as the sweat poured off our bodies, we both came for a second time together totally unaware of our surroundings moaning for all that was Welsh, both spent he lifted me up with my back to his gently kissing my neck before turning my head to him and kissing me softly before we both got dressed, and walked out of the dressing rooms.

sweaty, holding hands and both grinning from ear to ear, looked at each other and walked out, as I snuck a look at the sales assistants, knowing that we had been down and dirty and loud I knew they had heard us as one nodded and the other blushed as red as a tomato and turned away -he and I agreed that shopping trip rocked.

After Hours

An after lights out date was on the cards this evening. He had been pretty specific in his ideas for the evening – to wear as little as possible and a smile.

Of course I opted to ignore that – i’d bought an outfit specially, i smiled as i pulled up my stockings under my tight black skirt, with my sheer whitr blouse and my light blue cami underneath i knew it would show my curves off in just the right way for him – and he would have issues keeping his hands off me even with the layers on.

Right on cue the buzzer went off, and as i answered the door there was no mistaking the ‘I’m going to fuck you’ look on his face as he looked me up and down.

I moved into him to kiss him hello he was hungry this evening – devouring my mouth and kissing down my neck. As i pulled away i whispered ‘no touching, just watch’ his face fell as he started looking me up and down again -‘how am I supposed to not touch you when you look like that?!?’. I repeated my request ‘no touching – just watching’ as i turned my back to him and crossed the room.

I had something new for us to try and the box was on the floor by the bed – as i slowly bent down i made sure he would have something to look at. My tight skirt rising slowly revealing the tops of my stockings…. then the bottom of my black lace suspender belt before the holy grail of a freshly shaven pussy in my new crotchless panties – i heard his growl and mumble fuck this under his breath as i straightened back up.

He took hold of my left arm spun me around took the box from my hands and tossed it on my desk chair before possessivly placing his lips on mine and letting me know just who was in charge. His kisses were hard and fast and his hands that started off either side of my face were making their way south stroking my neck, my shoulders and fondleing my breasts through my top. He continued kissing me as he attempted to undo the buttons of my blouse he quickly gave up and aplogised as he ripped it so he could get closer to the twins.

He pulled me closer into him as he grabbed my arse pulling my skirt up as i undid his belt he pushed me up onto my desk kicking his trousers off as he did so before parting my legs around him and shoving his thick hard cock deep into my hot wet pussy both of us moaning as he did so any resolve of not touching was well and truly in the bin as he started to gently fuck my pussy slowly gaining his own rythm whilst alternating between long slow hard thrusts and fast small hard thrusts. At some point we had both lost what we were wearing on the top half of our bodies he was kissing and sucking on one breast whilst flicking the nipple with his tongue as he played with the other tweaking the nipple between forefinger and thumb.

I could feel his cock growing inside me as he got closer to his climax throbbing as he cum deep inside me