The Get Away Pt 1

An evening away me and him, I packed the big bag with the goodies I would need for the evening. smiling as I did so knowing full well he would enjoy what I had in mind for the evening’s festivities.

10 minutes and he was going to be outside I figured I should get dressed. panties were not going to be needed so I removed them as I take the uniform of choice from the wardrobe, a lush dark blue, complete with hat, badge and cuffs, only just long enough to cover my arse as I did up the buttons knowing that it didn’t quite fit and the top two buttons would remain undone, not that he would mind I thought as it was an excellent view of the twins. I teamed my uniform with my black heels feeling every bit as in charge as my police woman’s outfit made me feel. feeling disappointed as I put my long cardigan on and tied it at my waist so he wouldn’t see anything before I wanted him too.

It wasn’t a long drive to the place that had been chosen for the evening. as he booked us I stood just in front of him stroking his cock through his trousers feeling him harden under the light touch of my fingers and suck in his breath so he didn’t make a noise so as not to give an indication of what I was up to.

He asked for directions to the room, I had to admire his resolve and the steadiness of his voice knowing full well the effect my fingers were having on him. he looked down at me and just smiles. that’s when I know he thinks I’m in trouble this evening.

He ushers me into our room throws the bag on the chair before pinning me against the wall kissing me hard as his hand slides up my body to the belt of my cardigan before removing it taking a step back and looking at what I was wearing, before he stepped back into me kissing me hard as he had a good feel up of the twins before sliding down my body and up my skirt discovering I had no panties on he turned me around bent me over the bed whilst fingering my already wet pussy before removing his fingers and running his hand down my leg whilst encouraging me to lift it at the same time bending me forward slamming his hard thick cock easily into my hot wet pussy fucking me hard and fast, the twins swinging. whilst he strokes my clit. I feel his cock tense up inside me just as he shots his cum into me I hit my climax almost knocking me off my feet the intensity is amazing.

I turn around to him pull him around and push him on to the bed taking my cuffs off my belt I settle my pussy over his face as cuff him to the bed, feeling his tongue darting in and out licking and sucking all over my cunt pausing my job at hand to cum on his face.

As I moved down his body I kissed him hard tasting myself on him and his juices mixed in with them. before kissing down his body, I could feel his body shake beneath mine, by the time I reached his cock it was hard again standing proudly as I licked the tip of his cock I looked up to him and as I slid my mouth down his cock I watched as his head lulled backwards and a moan escape this giving me all the encouragement needed as I nibbled, sucked, licked and fucked his cock with my mouth listening to his moans grow louder as his body shook harder under my touch as his cock started to throb I quit sucking him and instead slid my already wet cunt down on to his hard cock, slowly, not wanting him to cum again just yet leaned forward taking my dress off over my head letting him lick and suck on each nipple before I slowly and deliberately started rocking back and forth grinding my pelvis against his feeling my climax coming I start to get harder and faster feeling him throb in my pussy as he thrusts into to me as I come down both bursting at the same time.

As I undo his hands I can see the glint in his eyes as he cuffs me to the bed…I was now his to use as he saw fit, as he whispered for that behaviour just now you are my dirty fuck toy and I intend to use and abuse you for the rest of the evening…. TBC



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