Dywn’s ASBO

I pride myself on having never gotten into trouble with the police, or been arrested.

except that one time in 2003…….

i was pregnant with DD1 around April (she was due following month) and during her pregnancy i had this craving for the smell of petrol it was like crack for me. And as a result i would often waddle down to the gas station at the end of my mam’s road during the night and just sit/stand and sniff that magical elixir.

It’s 3am in the forecourt at the petrol station… i’m just sat there sniffing, just considering getting up and waddling home, 3 police cars and a riot van screech up around me, scared me outta my life, one police officer yells, get up slowly. so i try to get up, he tells me not to have my hands anywhere he can’t see them.

‘Can i get a hand then please’ the lady officer helps me to my feet and 4 other officers start laughing. I am eight months pregnant i have a huge ball strapped to my middle, and i can barely waddle in a straight line, but these officers had been told i was gonna run, they were not expecting pregnant whale sized me.

They had also been told i was casing the station for a robbery…. either way i was placed in a police car and taken to the station, and given an ASBO which meant i was not allowed to be on the forecourt of any petrol station in the area between 10pm and 6am for 5 years.

And yes that Cashier happened to be a dude. Big thumbs up dude!


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