The Tease

As I was getting ready this evening I was making sure to take my time, I knew he was looking forward to tonight as much as I had – it had been at least a week since we’d seen each other, so I knew it was going to be an intense evening. I straightened my hair and did my make-up, being sure to remember my scarlet red lipstick that he loved to see. Before looking to select a dress for the evening, I’d missed him and his magic and I wanted him to know it!

I selected the long but low cut black dress first off, then thought better of it and selected the short black dress that kept the twins under wraps. I collected my black stockings and my sheer white bra and panties and finished getting ready. As I walked down the stairs I could feel the hem of the dress dusting just below the top of my stockings – perfect length I thought. as I grabbed my shawl and popped my shoes on to go outside and wait for him to pick me up.

We arrived at the restaurant in good time I excused myself whilst he sorted our table as I nipped to the cloakroom, I choose the stall on the end as it had the most room, I wasn’t here to use to facilities, taking my jacket off I placed it on the floor so my dress didn’t get dirty sat down on it and stretched my legs wide so I could play with my pussy through my panties until they were pretty much see through – whilst he was around this never took me very long. feeling satisfied with my handy work I got up picked up my jacket and re-joined him in the foyer of the restaurant waiting for our table.

We were seated in the corner of the restaurant across a small table from each other, I scooted my chair back and adjusted my positioning so that he could see right up my dress to my obviously wet panties, he dropped his spoon on the floor, so I got up and walked around to where it was and with my back to him bent down and picked up his spoon – giving him a view of the wet panties and my arse, to which he placed his hands on my arse and with his thumb traced my pussy in one quick move causing me to take a sharp intake of breath and my already sensitive pussy become wetter. he got up and started to rearrange the table so that I was sitting next to him rather than across from him.

We both sat back down but under the table I felt his hand on my thigh slowly and gently stroking it, working his way up to my panties gently stroking my already wet and oozing pussy slit through the already wet fabric, before sliding his hand inside for the first time as he growled, enjoying the feel of my wetness on his fingers.

As he worked his way into my opening I started to panic slightly, rethinking my plan, whispering no, please not here, he just sat smiled and bough his thumb and finger together on my clit as I just gasped trying so hard not to moan as he made me come for the first time that evening. he carried on playing with my now extremely sensitive clit rolling this easily excitable part of my cunt between his finger and thumb, as I felt a second wave start to build instinctively felt my legs tighten together, still looking in his face I could see the smile get bigger. he knew the effect he was having on me, and wasn’t about to let up whilst placing 2 fingers in my deep hole and using his thumb to stroke the fire he had already started I felt all the breath in my body leave as the rolling wave started to crash squeezing my eyes shut tight, biting down on my lip for no sound to escape. as I came back down I realised that his hand had gone from my panties, I felt a little disappointed, but at the same time relived that he was giving me time to catch my breath.

He stretched across to me and whispered in my ear what he needed me to do next, as he excused himself from the table, I took admiration in that arse as it walked away and he knew it, before remembering that I had been given some instructions  as I attempted to move my legs still felt like jelly but somehow I managed to get up and followed him to the dark employees only corridor where he took hold of me owning my body with his hands and my thoughts with his mouth he pushed backwards into the employees only bathroom.

Heading for the private stall he pushed me inside first both locking the door and pinning me to the cold tiled wall in one move. removing my already drenched panties and planting kisses on my neck. fuck I could not move for the magic in him, he easily held my arms above my head as his other hand went south. slowly gently stroking making me moan a little I wanted more of what I had had at the table, I was rewarded `as he opted to finger fuck me harder as I grinded my pelvis against his hand, letting go of my hands knowing I was his he gently brushed the hair out of my face with that smug ‘I have you where I want you’ smile spreading across his face as I cum again twice in 12 seconds noisily, he’d given up trying to keep me quiet, and besides that was not his goal. as he kissed me from my forehead down to my breasts, before dropping to his knees and putting his head up the skirt of my dress before placing his mouth on my already saturated and well satisfied pussy, leaving me gasping for breaths in between  his tongue pounding my pussy darting in out, left right and sucking my clit before he started reworking my whole again with his fingers making me cum again and again lapping and swallowing every little bit of cum he created and there was lots just as he knew there would be, I had to stop him. I *needed* to taste him I needed to give to him as he had given to me. as he got back up licking my cum off all but one of his fingers opting to let me taste myself off his fingers.

He knew he owned me in that first instance but I wasn’t about to let the game be all about him tonight. as I managed to regain some of my thought processes I pushed him against the opposite wall whilst undoing his belt and trousers I started to massage his already very hard cock through his boxer shorts, before sinking to my knees, looking up to him with the innocent little girl look I took his cock out kissing and sucking the pre cum off the top of his cock whilst looking at him watching his head go back as he moaned and called me his dirty little girl before my mouth owned him, I knew that at this point I could get him to agree to anything, I was in charge and he was mine in this moment in as much as I had been his . as I sucked, licked his cock giving some gentle pressure all whilst swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, I’d lost count of the times he had moaned at my technique, he was certainly a happy camper as he grabbed a fistful of my hair to fuck my face thrusting deeper and harder into my mouth occasionally going deep enough to make me gag. I loved sucking his hard thick cock and I could feel him start to throb as he started emptying his load into my mouth waves of cum pumping into my mouth as I struggled to keep up with swallowing his all, as his orgasm started to slow he pulled me up level with his face to kiss me hard, before helping me look more presentable before heading back to the table.





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