The Dip

The leaves had left most of the tress and the smell of winter was on the air and although it was a crisp autumnal day there was a distinctly warm air around him and me as we walked through the dense woodland on a narrow dirt trail that started to incline as we walked further. the trees started to thicken, he took my hand as he sensed me start to panic from the claustrophobic feeling.

After another 10 or so minutes the trees began to thin out some, he let go of my hand and stepped out in front of me, I couldn’t help but admire that wiggle to his arse, as I started to day dream about him and his touch, watching in my mind him remove my clothing bit by bit, whilst I helped him out of his, the daydream made me sigh as I bumped into him. he had stopped and I was too busy undressing him in my mind to have noticed.

In front of us was a fairly densely wooded area with what looked like a large series of rocks, all of a sudden he started to remove his clothes,  come on, he said, strip off,  so I followed his example until I was just in my bra and panties, he took one look at what I still had on and said I want to take those off, as he reached around my back for the clasp to my bra I could feel his warm breath on my shoulder as I shivered slightly, he slipped my panties and bra off, in one motion.

before taking my hand and leading me up the rocks to the warm pool of water he had found, as I stepped in I felt the cool wind blow against my naked skin before he pulled me down beside him, the water was lush and incredibly soft, each little ripple feeling like his fingers whispering soft echoing touches over my submerged body.

as I rested my head on his shoulder I could feel his hands as they started moving over my body, every time he touched me I felt just like the first time he touched me, he gave the twins special attention, gently caressing, squeezing, brushing my nipples gently so they would stand to attention for him, as I moved my hand south brushing my thighs gently before I moved my hand to my pussy slowly stroking the slit before opening it and gently started rubbing my already swollen clit occasionally flicking it as he played with my breasts.

As he turns me around to face him as he does so he raises me up and slides me on his already hard cock, causing me to take a sharp breath, as instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist as he started to make small hard thrusting movements, with my tits now out of the water and at perfect height for his mouth he started sucking and nibbling on my nipples as he moved enjoying the moans and sighs, he can feel my pussy getting tighter he knows that these small moves and the licking and sucking will have me coming for sure, and just as I started climaxing he chose to stifle my scream with his mouth kissing me hungrily swallowing my sounds. as I come back down from my orgasm his face comes back into focus, and I can see his smug look of satisfaction on his face and know that he wasn’t even close to done with me as I protest at him pulling his hard thick cock out of my still pulsing pussy

he climbs backwards slightly settling himself on a rock that meant his cock was stood proudly above the water, knowing that I both loved tasting him and wanted to put a smile on his face I move forward towards to him running my hands up his thighs before I leaned in gently kissing and licking the little bit of pre-cum off his cock before I open my mouth and attempt to take the whole length in my mouth, he was bigger than I was used to but fuck did he taste good, I work my mouth up and down his hard cock occasionally looking him in the eye and watching that smile spread across his face between his moans, I opt to drop a hand down to my pussy and play with my clit bringing my already sensitive clit back up to orgasm but stopping just shy, as I enjoy sucking on his cock, I move my mouth fast and firmly swirling my tongue around your head feeling as he thrusts his cock into my mouth wanting to fuck my face as hard as he wanted to fuck my pussy. I could feel his cock start to pulsate as he starts to climax, with an ‘OH MY FUCK YEAH’ he filled my mouth 3 times over as I swallowed every last drop of his gift to me.

he pulls me up to his face and kisses me hard before telling me how naughty I was to play with myself, that was his pussy and it was his job to make me feel good as he put me across his knee and gave me 2 hard slaps on the arse before he sits me back up on his cock facing away from him pushes me forward so I am on my hands and knees and fucks my pussy hard and fast as he reaches around and pinches my nipples, both of us moaning, feeling myself tighten as he drives his thick hard cock into my pussy time and time again making me cum twice and scream his name. before he let himself go for the second time, moaning my name before removing his cock from my pussy so that he could lap up every last bit of cum he made me give him.

as we both climb back into the water he pulls me into him looks are me smiling as I look back not saying a word as we kissed lazily before we dozed happy and safe, before we get out, redress each other and headed home




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