Receptionist Initiation Pt1

It was my first day in my new job as a receptionist for a busy private Genealogical firm in the city, my new boss was big on punctuality he mentioned a few times during my training week that there were ‘consequences’ to tardiness, mistakes and a messy desk.

I was so nervous on my first day shadowing the current secretary in her daily activities before she left at the end of the week, my hands were trembling as I pulled the zip up on my tight mid-thigh length skirt I took a look in the mirror with my cream silk vest underneath my jacket I thought I really looked the part, slipping my nude stockings on and attaching them to the clasps on my suspender belt made me feel confident and sexy. slipping on my black heels and leaving the house to catch the train for the 4-mile commute into the city center.

I’m pretty sure at this point that every type of public transport is out to sabotage my first day, the train was running late, then the park and ride shuttle broke down so by the time I got the office I was a mess – my hair was a state, I had a hole in my stockings and I had managed to rip my jacket getting off the broken down bus, but I still managed to arrive with 3 minutes to spare and headed straight to the bathroom brushed and redid my hair the best I could losing the stockings and jacket to the bin, before realizing my ID card was still in the pocket I had to reach into the bin to fish my jacket out and as I bent over I swore I felt a hand on my arse just a soft tap ending in the cupping of my right cheek before a cheeky stroke down and towards my pussy followed by a small sigh as I got up to speak to the mysterious person I realized it was the lady I was spending the week shadowing, as she pushed me against the wall using one hand to hold my hands above my head she nudged my left foot with hers to open my legs wide, she planted her sweet soft lips on mine kissing me with a passion I had not felt before whilst her free hand moved slowly down my curves resting lightly on my left breast before giving it a squeeze, my head was spinning at this point, the kissing was amazing her fingers were touching parts of my skin that no man had ever been able to reach, as she reach up my shirt I felt my legs turn to mush as I felt her palm just gently brush against my incredibly wet panties, she released my hands from above my head and bought her other hand up to rest on my breast gently stroking my nipples through the material of my top my nipples standing to attention as I melted under this delicate touch, she whispered in my ear….. ‘you’ve passed stage one’



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