Good Moaning

As I walked in from the kitchen I could see him sat there on the sofa fiddling with his phone. I decided I wasn’t having this here I was half naked and that damn phone has his attention again.

I stand in front of him peeling off the clothes I had left on starting with my bright red panties, before easing myself out of my vest top and removing my matching bra, leaving me stood in front of him, naked, feeling the cool breeze from the open windows on my body I sighed a little before I sunk to my knees in front of him before grabbing his phone.

‘it’s my turn now sweetie’ I said as I placed his phone on silent and put it on the coffee table behind me he took one look at me and knew exactly what I meant as a smile spread across his face, he took me by my wrists and pulled me roughly towards him planting his lips on mine as I situated myself a knee either side of his legs before being pulled down into his lap with his hands either side of my hips guiding me to  comfortable position before producing my glass dildo from between his legs for him to use on me, he’d even remembered to chill it fuck my morning was complete as he pushed me back wards running his hands down my neck across my shoulders and running little patterns across my breasts gently tweaking each nipple before placing the ice cold glass on my clit and slowly working little circles with it, whilst he slowly and gently started to rub and stroke the rest of my slit before sliding two very cold and wet fingers into my hole gently stroking whilst I started to gently moan.

he opts to change it up as he decides to fuck my pussy with the cold glass starting off with slow, gentle full strokes of the dildo before alternating with harder faster strokes whilst also using his fingers to tickle my clit, before I knew it I was moaning and climaxing and as I squirted my juices all over his bare chest he pulled me back up to him planting kisses firmly on my mouth before moving down to my neck, then my breasts alternating between sucking and tweaking, licking and caressing, as I eased my tight wet cunt onto his hard throbbing cock, his hands on my arse giving me a firm slap now and then as we moved in rhythm together as I moved up he moved out and as I came down he slammed his cock into me giving me his full length making me scream each time until he tossed me onto the sofa and told me to get onto my hands and knees as he pounded his thick hard cock into my tight throbbing pussy I stroked my clit as he stroked my hole slapping my arse and growling deeper as he got closer…..


….. as I woke from my day dream back into my lecture I realized I’d been moaning and playing with my pussy as I had daydreamed of him



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