A Quiet Corner

Sunday afternoon at the shopping complex and he had opted to take me shopping, I needed something that would look as good on me as it did the floor, we’d already been around several shops looking and I just couldn’t find what I wanted.

as he and I got to the last shop it was pretty deserted, and only a pair of shop assistants were around, I headed over to the dressing rooms with my latest outfit, I took him by the hand – I *needed* his expert second opinion. as he held his hand out for my bag to hold I shook my head, I leaned into him and asked him if he wanted to do something, he looked at me puzzled at first, with a smile spreading across his face as it dawned on him as to what I meant, I whispered in his ear you are coming with me – and headed to the biggest stall in the dressing room area. Pushing him in ahead of me he was not supposed to be in here with me, but I felt such a rush knowing that we were going to be naughty, in public and that anyone could hear us.

trust me to have picked today to be the day that I opted to wear my tight jeans, trying to undo them and wiggle out of them was no quick process, I felt his hands make a move on me as one grabbed my arse the other went down the front of my jeans and into my knickers to fondle my wet pussy as he slapped my arse he whispered I bet I can get this off you much faster, as he pushed me back on the bench he manage to take my jeans and knickers off in one move whilst pushing my knees up started fucking my pussy with his tongue – as I felt him suck my clit I could feel myself let go – I hadn’t even realized how much I was moaning until he cupped my face with his hand said shhhhh. as he carried on eating my wet juicy pussy. making me cum in his mouth before we switched positions I needed to suck his hard cock, I knew how much making me cum turned him on and how hard it made him, I have no idea when his trousers were removed and to be fair I wasn’t interested as I kissed him deeply tasting my own juices in his mouth before I kissed my way down to his stomach and started stroking his already hard cock.

I softly kissed the head of his cock, before licking and kissing the length of his hard cock before taking his length in my mouth, and slowly starting to suck his cock, I could taste his pre-cum oozing out of his head as I sucked I could hear his breathing getting louder with the odd moan thrown in for good measure – sexiest noise I knew, as he started to growl between his moans I knew he was close and I started to quicken the pace at which I was sucking his cock as I felt him start to throb in my mouth my pussy started throbbing for him, I needed him inside me, as he cum in my mouth I swallowed all he had to give. as we swapped positions again he slammed me against the wall holding my arms above my head, kissing me hard and fast as he started to play with pussy again before turning me around and bending me over the bench fucked me hard and fast – neither of us caring now who heard us as the sweat poured off our bodies, we both came for a second time together totally unaware of our surroundings moaning for all that was Welsh, both spent he lifted me up with my back to his gently kissing my neck before turning my head to him and kissing me softly before we both got dressed, and walked out of the dressing rooms.

sweaty, holding hands and both grinning from ear to ear, looked at each other and walked out, as I snuck a look at the sales assistants, knowing that we had been down and dirty and loud I knew they had heard us as one nodded and the other blushed as red as a tomato and turned away -he and I agreed that shopping trip rocked.


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