After Hours

An after lights out date was on the cards this evening. He had been pretty specific in his ideas for the evening – to wear as little as possible and a smile.

Of course I opted to ignore that – i’d bought an outfit specially, i smiled as i pulled up my stockings under my tight black skirt, with my sheer whitr blouse and my light blue cami underneath i knew it would show my curves off in just the right way for him – and he would have issues keeping his hands off me even with the layers on.

Right on cue the buzzer went off, and as i answered the door there was no mistaking the ‘I’m going to fuck you’ look on his face as he looked me up and down.

I moved into him to kiss him hello he was hungry this evening – devouring my mouth and kissing down my neck. As i pulled away i whispered ‘no touching, just watch’ his face fell as he started looking me up and down again -‘how am I supposed to not touch you when you look like that?!?’. I repeated my request ‘no touching – just watching’ as i turned my back to him and crossed the room.

I had something new for us to try and the box was on the floor by the bed – as i slowly bent down i made sure he would have something to look at. My tight skirt rising slowly revealing the tops of my stockings…. then the bottom of my black lace suspender belt before the holy grail of a freshly shaven pussy in my new crotchless panties – i heard his growl and mumble fuck this under his breath as i straightened back up.

He took hold of my left arm spun me around took the box from my hands and tossed it on my desk chair before possessivly placing his lips on mine and letting me know just who was in charge. His kisses were hard and fast and his hands that started off either side of my face were making their way south stroking my neck, my shoulders and fondleing my breasts through my top. He continued kissing me as he attempted to undo the buttons of my blouse he quickly gave up and aplogised as he ripped it so he could get closer to the twins.

He pulled me closer into him as he grabbed my arse pulling my skirt up as i undid his belt he pushed me up onto my desk kicking his trousers off as he did so before parting my legs around him and shoving his thick hard cock deep into my hot wet pussy both of us moaning as he did so any resolve of not touching was well and truly in the bin as he started to gently fuck my pussy slowly gaining his own rythm whilst alternating between long slow hard thrusts and fast small hard thrusts. At some point we had both lost what we were wearing on the top half of our bodies he was kissing and sucking on one breast whilst flicking the nipple with his tongue as he played with the other tweaking the nipple between forefinger and thumb.

I could feel his cock growing inside me as he got closer to his climax throbbing as he cum deep inside me


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