Backseat Driver pt.1

As I slid into the back of the car I could see 2 things his eyes and his smile. i looked forward to sharing my plan for our time today,  He asked me what I wanted to do. So I told him somewhere quiet I want your undivided attention. Was a fair request, i hadn’t seen him in a few days.

I watched him adjust his mirror as i settled myself in the back making myself comfortable as he pulled off. Once we were on a quieter road I pulled my first item out of my bag, as he looked in his mirror to get a better look i smiled back at him making sure he couldn’t see what I was planning to use first until i was ready to share.

My low cut vest top was perfect, as i bought my ice cube to my neck slowly moving it up and down whilst I quietly moaned, enjoying the feeling of the ice against my skin and feeling the icey water dripping and sliding down my neck before slowly slipping down my chest and dripping into my bra.

I bite my bottom lip as i slide the cube of ice lower to my chest before sliding the cube out of his view into my top and bra with a sharp intake of breath as it touched each of my nipples before slowly withdrawing it from my bra and sliding my legs up onto the seat before opening them wide.  Giving him a full view of Dani. Picking up a second ice cube and and slowly stroking from my thighs to dani and back up again a few times before my first ice cube was all melted i continued playing with the second introducing it slowly to my already wet pussy i used the corner to gently stroke my clit – not realising how much i would like it took me by surprise as i  let out a louder moan. Feeling the coldness of the ice cube against my warm pussy and the resulting melting wetness run down my pussy into my hole. – Fuck this was going to make me cum so hard



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