I Haven’t Got Long.

Make up time was on the cards the bag was packed and the weather was glorious. And better still I wasn’t expecting to see him today. so was very much a pleasant surprise to know that I had some his time, although he only had an hour we ended up spending 3 times that long….

I wore my short purple dress, I even managed the whole no knickers thing as he asked – but he was late so he missed out on that one. I had my peeping arse cheeks knickers on, thinking that even if I couldn’t do the whole knicker-less thing he would at least have something pretty to take off. I was right – only he them off expertly as we took a short walk down a cycle path – to which he pocketed and stole them. having never been out without my underwear I felt freer, but thoughts of him kept me wet and wanting.

We drove through a tunnel and came out on to some wasteland that was pretty sheltered, and so took a short walk away from the car where he laid his blanket out and I laid mine out, as we sat together he removed his shirt and t-shirt, I took my socks and shoes off before we got close to share kisses. he pushed me backwards, and told me I was still wearing too much, he’d undone the bra and I pulled my dress over my head and took my bra off, as he laid me back I gave him a yes to taking pictures of me naked for his own enjoyment. making myself feeling confident and wanted. before he got to his knees to worship at the church of Danni.

I was laying with my head in a dip I couldn’t see what he was doing or where he was going to touch next, I could feel his hands stroking up and down my legs as he slowly got high and higher with his stroking, before he reached my pussy, stroking her gently and tracing rings around my clit making me shiver in response he thrust his tongue into my deep hole whilst still playing my clit, making me quietly moan, me trying to be as quiet as I could and him trying to make me scream as loud as he could was a challenge we both took seriously, he knew I was enjoying this and I knew he wanted to make me to scream, I resisted the basic primal desire even as I came in his mouth, and he banged his hard cock in to my already oozing hole. as he bought me up to his level and started kissing me he told me to get on my knees, I obeyed and as he placed a hand on my hip to help with his rhythm and his hand in my hair starting to pull it before putting his cock in me and started to fuck me hard whilst I was on my hands and knees before him. with each thrust he pulled my hair a little harder, and thrust in a little harder. fuck, I loved this position, I could feel him start to thicken in my wet pussy his thick hard cock was filling my hole and I could hear my juices from where I had cum squelching. with every thrust I could feel him grow in girth just a little more, before I felt him shoot his load into my pussy he thrust a few more times whilst loosening his grip on my hair, gently slapped my arse before kissing me and telling me to get dressed again.

Once we were both decent, we got up to leave with him leading me back to car and instructed me to get in the back, I made myself comfortable, as he adjusted his mirror, and drove off I pulled my bag of toys out, spreading my legs wide so he could see my pussy as he drove I started out playing with my favourite toy and started to fuck my already wet pussy from the amalgamation of our juices, I pushed it right in before pulling it right out and placing the length of it in my mouth and sucking all the moistness off it so I could taste the both of us from my hole. I heard him say ‘you know I’m going to have to pull over and fuck you right?’ to which I just smiled and carried on rubbing my clit and pushing the 6″ of cold wet glass into my swollen wet furry cup, before bringing out my buzzy friend to help me, whilst he is still watching from his mirror I can see his eyes start to mist over with the lust of wanting to be either the dildo in my hole or the pocket rocket gently teasing my clit that was making me quietly moan, as he pulled over, he got his camera out to film me wank myself,  to which he then reached behind to help me and thrust my pussy a with my dildo before handing it back to me so that he could then tease my clit with my rocket with a smile spreading across his face as I came noisily in the back of the car twice in quick succession. before driving off again to one of our favourite quiet spots.

When he arrived he opted to get in the back with me, not happy to not be a part of ‘playtime’ any more, taking my toys from me and dropping them on the floor before opting to take my dress off over my head again as he hungrily kissed me, still t-shirtless from our earlier escapade I took him out of his shirt rubbing my hands gently up and down his chest whilst he hungrily devoured my breasts and nipples with his hands and lips before starting a fresh play session with Danni, he knew exactly how to get me wet and screaming in less than 15 seconds – and damn was he good at it. as he played in my hole and stroked my clit I came time and time again with him absorbing the nosiest of my screams with his kisses at this point I desperately wanted to be making him as happy as he was making me, I stood up butt naked in the car as he laid down on the back seat I eased my wet, dripping well worked pussy on to his hard throbbing cock facing him as I started grinding on his pelvis I could feel him getting harder, his moans were the sexiest noise I had heard in a long time, feeling pleased with myself I grinded harder ,making him moan louder before turning around so I was facing away from him so he could grab my arse as I grinded against him, hearing his moans get louder and his thrusting into getting harder we both climaxed at the same time. I had never fucked like that before. it was pure unadulterated pleasure that I had never had, this man was a whole new addiction for me.

I wanted and needed more.



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