The Tops

We discussed what we wanted and considered scenarios – this was after all a fantasy fulfillment day and we both needed to know what was acceptable and what was not.


He picked me up at 10:30 am bang on time as always, i looked into his eyes and leaned in for our usual hello, but he said, No, *you* have to wait. I was not a happy camper, i had been looking forward to kissing him since yesterday – i told him exactly what i thought and told him he was being mean, to which he giggled and started stroking my thigh as he drove, whilst telling me i couldn’t touch – it’s OK i thought i can get my own back.

As we drove out we chatted about stuff and nothing discussing various things, our aim today was to find somewhere quiet and high up, to strip off and be one with nature. to feel the cool breeze on our bare skins, the grass underneath us and giving in to primal desires.

Only i’d forgotten the spare pair of panties and the weather wasn’t on our side nor could we find anywhere suitable to park up, despite driving for an hour and his continued stroking of my thigh and fleeting touches further north to my pussy making me feel hot and wet. Stopping at traffic lights on a small winding road he again denied me what he knew i wanted instead pulling me close to him for cwtches and placing a kiss on my forehead.

He finally pulled into a lay-by he let me have what i had been craving his lips on mine soft kisses at first giving way to harder more fiery kisses, with hands and fingers exploring and touching. His hands caressing my soft skin as he moved higher under my shirt roughly squeezing my right boob as he kissed me harder gently easing it out to play with my nipple as he kissed me softer. Damn i wanted him, every touch reminding me of our Wednesday fun, until we pulled away to continue our search.

We could not find a perfect spot for our original plan, but he did find a nice quiet layby, where we retreated to the back seat, we kissed again this time harder and more urgent. Under my right hand i could feel his cock getting harder as i started to stroke him on the outside of his shorts. Ever the gentleman he undid his shorts and let me get at what i wanted, as i stroked his cock we kissed his hands wandered down the back of my trousers as he squeezed my arse. Kisses were harder and faster, with him pausing to kiss down my neck from time to time.

He pulled back. He asked if i was hungry – i know what he wanted, to which i replied i am. As he slipped his cock out of his shorts he said eat this. So i bent down to his lap, just in time to see a van pull up right behind us – the occupents were watching. He and I giggled as i set to work on sucking his thick hard cockin his left hand he held my ponytails forcing me deeper on to his cock as i sucked his right hand finding an oppourtunity to stroke my pussy. Only i wasn’t going to let him have his way. Knowing that he enjoyed satisfing me as much as i did him. I made him stop. And continued to suck on him. He was thrusting up hard in to my mouth as well as pushing me down, i kne that him not getting his way with me was driving him to frustration. But i also knew he was close to reaching his climax, so i let him play a little, whilst ensuring he couldn’t make me cum with my positioning as i continued sucking. His thrusting was getting harder his cock hitting the back of my throat as i felt him cum in my mouth – swallowing the gift he gave me i continued sucking for a few more seconds to make sure i had every drop. Before kissing him deeply and sharing his taste.


We continued kissed before moving to the front for him to drop me home.


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