On The Move

He had found something random that we needed to go pick up. unfortunately, it was in the back end of nowhere and the GPS wasn’t picking up well so he handed me a map and asked me to direct us, are you sure? I whisper, trying to find where we were on the map I started giving lefts and rights until we ended up driving down an old road with a dead end. I had gotten us really lost.
he starts throwing a paddy whilst I laugh at him. making him look me in the eyes. I know he cannot resist the sizzle of blue and grey as I lean in to kiss him

It was just a soft peak on the lips for the briefest of seconds, but it was enough to ignite a fire as he placed his hands on either side of my face bringing my face closer towards him he says your lips are as irresistible as your eyes, as he starts to kiss me softy and deeply. making me sigh, I place once hand on the side of his face and the other begins to stroke small soft circles down his body, his passion starting to boil over as I unzip his jeans and place my hand inside to stroke his semi hard cock

He growls softly whilst enjoying me alternating between soft hard strokes and hard fast strokes, as he starts to get harder and thicker his kisses become more frantic as he moans and whilst still kissing me I use my other hand to bring his from my face to the twins. Who are braless today. In his haste he rips my shirt open losing half the buttons, so that he can fondle my breasts briefly until you find the nipples and run circles around them occasionally tweaking them as he stops kissing my mouth and starts trailing soft wet kisses them down my neck across my collarbone and down to my breast

his right hand now free slides down my body to my thigh and then up to the bottom of my skirt he wiggles his hand underneath and slides up my skirt where he discovers I also had a lack of panties. He both growls and moans as it makes his day and start by stroking softly feeling how wet I already am and then inserting 2 fingers into my hole and he uses his thumb to play with my clit whilst he continues to alternate between my nipples with his lips, tongue, and forefinger and thumb.

Whilst I continue to stroke his cock and now I’m starting to feel you get even harder and thicker I can feel the head of his cock get wet with pre-cum as he starts to come close to his climax I continue to stroke until I feel you erupt and afterwards continuing to stroke to make sure you get every drop out. Within seconds you feel me start to swell you gently tap my clit with your thumb whilst still stroking the inside of my hole as I start to cum to make me scream, just a little louder. I find his face to kiss him looking into his eyes misted with his passion and enjoying his climax, just gently kissing until we had both calmed from the fun

He turns to me and whisper I love it when you do the directions baby. even if we have no idea where we are.



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