The plans were set, the outfit chosen i knew roughly the time you would be arriving i was excited, horny and nervous but looking forward to seeing your face again.

i knew that getting ready wouldn’t take me long, i didn’t need panties for starters! pulling my little black skirt over my thighs i could imagine your strong but gentle hands stroking them, pulling on my black fishnet stockings i knew my choice would both shock and excite you, my peephole bra on next with my checked shirt on over the top, finished my make up using less glitter tonight after our last meeting ended up with you covered in it just making out. you call me as you pull up. i pop my shoes on and walk out to your car.

we drive for a while stopping by the pond and going for a walk chatting about the happenings of our day occasionally stopping for kisses and Cwtches as we walked around the pond. before heading back to the car, to find somewhere quiet to spend time together.

on a blanket under the stars we lay together my head on your shoulder your arms wrapped around me our soft light kisses punctuating the conversation. we chat about things and have a giggle before you start gently kissing  at my forehead and travel down off to the side, with a little nibble of my ear, before trailing down my neck that makes me shiver. A small sigh comes from me, so gently, you continue downwards with you trail of kisses from my neck to my breasts, circling each nipple with your tongue and gently nibbling my hard nipples, you start to move in with your other hand, tracing circles around the nipple, you gently squeeze, my sharp intake of breath and small moan are captured by your gentle kisses you let out a low growl as you hand moves down my stomach gently tracing a pattern from breast to thigh.

You rub my thigh gently gradually moving higher as you continue kissing me deep passionate slow kisses, you graze my pussy with your hand and even though you haven’t started to stroke my slit you can already feel how wet i am, you growl deeply and trace kisses down my neck and give the twins some serious attention, whilst you slowly start stroking gently and find my wet throbbing clit gently stroking it i can feel how much you wanted this, you look up to my eyes misted from the passion you instilled as i start to shake and my moans get loader. You know i been hot and horny all day long, you know that the first time i climax will be hard, fast and noisy,

My moans slowly but steadily get more frequent you can feel me beginning to tense up, so you opt to surprise me and make yet another move. Into my soft folds your index finger goes, seeking out the spot on the front wall of my hole that you know offers yet a whole new avenue of pleasure.
After a few seconds of feeling around, you find the holy grail and the G spot. And as you start gently stroking it you opt to have your middle finger join in on the action, and soon you feel my vaginal muscles thicken and start to clamp down. whilst you continue to stroke and take your finger deeper whilst feeling me squeeze you,

You watch my entire body begin to tense and as my eyes roll into the back of my head, you feel my body start to go in that rhythmic quivering motion. Quietly, you hear me say “oh shit, oh my gosh, oh baby” as i slip into my world of fireworks and personal bliss for the next few moments. Loud, uncontrolled moans follow. you stop playing breifly to kiss me and take my moans, until you opt to start again bringing a second more intense wave over me, i struggle to let you continue to play having never felt this intensity before. i wanted you to both continue and stop, your hand expertly working my pussy sending a third wave over my body you start kissing me, i tell you no more, i need your thick hard cock in my pussy. and i want you as happy as you had made me. we roll together this time with me over you arms pinned above your head. you growl, enjoying me take the lea.

i’m surprised to find that at some point you had removed your trousers and boxers, as i straddle your hard cock you take my shirt off over my head i bring myself forward so you can play with my breasts and nipples as i gently and rhythmically start to back and forth sliding up and down your hard cock, using your left hand you guide my hips and with your right you grab my neck forcing me down to kiss you as you start thrusting upwards as i come down, as you thrust i let out a moan my pussy still so sensitive from your earlier play i start to climax again, you capture my moans as you thrust deeper and pull me down harder your breathing is quicker your cock is thicker your kisses are hungrier your goal is not far away, and neither is mine as the fireworks and mist start to descend on me i feel your cock erupt inside my pussy and capture your loud moan with my kisses you roll us over gently whilst still thrusting into my pussy ensuring i get every last drop of you, you continue kissing me as you wrap me in your arms and the second blanket to ensure i don’t get cold just dozing for an hour or so contented and happy in each others arms



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