Alone and in Need

Spending a lonely afternoon on my own, I had finished my coursework, and done my housework and I was bored – never a good scenario. I settle myself on our bed. And close my eyes, there I can see your face, hear your voice. Here I can see anything I want too. And I start to imagine you being an extremely naughty boy.

Standing in the kitchen leaning over the counter looking out the window wearing just my nightshirt, which skims just below my bum, I can hear you coming up behind me, and I pretend to not hear you, you lift my nightshirt growl grab my bum whisper good morning in my ear and kiss my neck.

Whilst thinking of this I start feeling naughty, I bite my own lip softly as I continue thinking of you. I let one of my hands slide up my body gently and start to caress my breast through my t-shirt, I’d opted not to wear a bra today, I coax my nipple to harden and I give it a little tweak, I smile and let out a small moan, I slide my other hand into my trousers and can feel that my panties are wet, the caressing of my breast and my naughty thoughts of you had me wet and seeping into my new silk panties, using two fingers I stroke my pussy through my panties, feeling for my clit and start circling it slowly.

I switch my thoughts back to the kitchen encounter, imagine your hand sliding up my bum gently stroking up my back, stroking back down and grabbing my opposite hip you turn me around to face you, with one hand you lift my arms, and with the other you slide my shirt off over my head, cupping my breast with your hand as your arm comes back down, whilst you toss the shirt in to the corner.

Back to my bedroom, I decide I am defiantly wearing too much I slide my trousers off wiggling my hips slightly as I slide them down, and remove my t-shirt. Laying propped up on the bed in just my black silk knickers, that you had bought me yesterday, I continue to tease my pussy through them – intending to take a picture when I was done to show you what you were missing whilst you were in work on your day off. Enjoying the feeling of the silk on my pussy as I stroked myself, the wet spot starts to grow, I imagine it is you caressing and tweaking one nipple whilst you suck and lick the other all the while you stroke my pussy, as I pull the front to one side so I can finger my now wet and dripping hole, I moan softly imagining you stroking and fingering me, remembering your little trick of thumb and finger action I try it on my self, slowly fingering my hole whilst using my thumb to tease my clit, whilst still caressing my nipples.

I can hear your voice in my ear from the other day when we were at your parent’s house, you whispering in my ear, your warm breath on my neck, telling me I needed to be a good girl, and I needed to be quiet otherwise I’d be on a service ban. The thought of this excited me further, as I started playing a little faster, biting my lip to stop my moans escaping. I knew you’d approve.

I carried on stroking my hole, thumbing my clit and alternating between my nipples stroking, tweaking, and enjoying the sensual massage, I whispered ‘fuck me sweetie’ but feeling disappointed that you are not with me I decide that now will be a good time to send you a picture of my dripping pussy with my new panties thick with my love juices, propping a mirror between my knees to take a picture for you, I take a look at my handy work, knowing you would you would have your face now between my legs lapping up your work, I smiled and sighed. I knew that this picture would make you smile as you leave work. I imagine you hurrying home with your hard cock bulging in your trousers. I smile and watch my pussy get even wetter with the thought. I add a caption ‘hot, wet and ready for you baby’ and hit send.

You’ve left work early feeling a little guilty that you had left me when you’d promised me the whole day, and you receive your picture as you are looking for your keys to unlock the door to come in, your phone pings, you see the picture, you smile, your cock stands to attention at the door, amazingly you know exactly which pocket your keys are in, and quietly you unlock the door and quietly walk in. you can hear me upstairs moaning slightly. You remove your shoes and quietly climb the stairs, removing your jacket, tie and belt as you climb, you stand in the doorway of our bedroom just watching me play with myself whist starting to stroke your already hard cock.

Oblivious that you are stood in the doorway watching me, I am thinking about you, your tongue on my clit, your finger in my hole, your hot breath as you suck, lick and tease. Whilst I play with my pussy, I hold my clit gently as I imagine you sucking and a louder moan escapes, my nipples are so hard, my clit is so swollen and sensitive, my hole starts to tense, my moans are louder my massage is faster, my goal is close as I start to feel the firework being lit I open my eyes and I see you stood in the door completely naked.

You walk across the room as I reach my crescendo you lean in to kiss me and capture my cry, you settle yourself in between my legs, still kissing me softly, you start tracing a map down my body paying attention to each tit and nipple growling you say I’m guessing I’m getting dessert before dinner today baby. All I can manage is sorry sweetie, I’m feeling relaxed after I had cum, as you start fingering me again whilst kissing, sucking, licking and nibbling on my nipples you start kissing lower and lower, blowing a raspberry on my belly, which takes me by surprise I make a low growl, you now reach my pussy and start licking my clit as you finger my hole, then finger my clit as you lick my extremely wet hole, enjoying the taste of my afternoons work. You come back up to my face with my cum on your lips you kiss me hard and deep with urgency, I know you want your cock in my pussy.

You turn me over so I’m on my knees with my bum in the air, you take hold of my hips, and you slowly insert you thick hard cock, growling with intense pleasure as you feel my wetness around you, you pull back and start to trust me gently, using my hips you ensure I am getting your full length, you let go of my hips, and take a fistful of my hair, I moan loudly, you bring yourself and me backwards you resting on your knees and me facing the wall still with my hair in your hand, I start to bounce in your lap, with your free hand you play with my clit making me moan even louder, caressing my body as you bring your hand up you let go of my hair, to be able to play with both my tits. You whisper fuck I love your tits in my ear as I bounce you move your hands to my hips and help me take your full length, you lean me forward again so I am back on my knees and you start to pound my pussy, soft but urgently at first, but gaining in momentum and force, I am both moaning and screaming your name as I feel a second firework being lit, you can feel the walls of my pussy going tense, you growl knowing I was close to a second cumming, you slam into me feeling yourself throbbing knowing you were just as close, we both cum together, you calling my name, me screaming yours, you gently continue thrusting me making sure I got every last drip of your cum in my pussy.

You lean back turn me around and pull me in close kissing me softly as you hold me tight, we lay down together both thoroughly pleased with ourselves dozing off feeling loved, wanted and protected in each others arms.


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