Friday Night Fun

I step out the shower, I’m wearing just a towel as you come up behind me, startled, I say ‘hey you’ I didn’t even realise you were home.


‘Hey you’ you reply with a smile looking into my eyes and pulling me close for a kiss. As you let go you give my ass a squeeze, you turn me around and point to a bag on the bed, ‘when your finished I want you to wear that for me’ “oh? I reply” you reply to me ‘just do as your told’ I’ll be back in 10 minutes. As you walk out the room you check back for just a few seconds looking me up and down with a ‘mmmmm’ under your breath.

I open the bag you have left me, it is beautiful silky and lacy and in red with black lace, just the kind of stuff I like to wear for you, and as usual just enough to look good on me and the floor… I giggle thinking back to that conversation, we’d not even met or touched at that point, but yet you still made me feel just as I do now, hot as hell, and wanting you – always.

I pop the chemise on, which skims just below my bum, curses of being a short lady and wanting to look good for you, I catch a look in the full length mirror at the end of the bed, and snap you a picture of me from behind using the mirror, knowing that waiting the full 10 minutes never usually happened, especially when it came to Friday night fun nights, I finish towel drying my hair and pop some lip gloss on as you come back in.

‘you look damn sexy in that sweetie,’ you growl, I can see you’re already sporting a hard bulge in your work trousers, “my picture do the trick baby? Or are you just happy to see me?”. You smile and with out a word you walk from the door way to me stood at the mirror, you stand behind me put your arms around me and say ‘sweetie I missed you, of course I’m happy to see you, as is mini me’ with a wink and a smile at me in the mirror. You drop your hands to my sides and turn me to face you. I kiss you long and deep whilst undoing your belt and your trousers – you growl at my boldness both pleased and slightly shocked at my choice to take the lead.

We stop kissing enough for me to take your t-shirt off, although you have to help a little as I can’t quite reach, I kiss you from your mouth to your now bare chest enjoying your scent and your warmth as I tug at your boxers to get them off. You’re still looking in the mirror, whilst I continue kissing down your belly, as I start stroking mini you softly. You growl again, I look up at you as I start kissing your hard cock, your already oozing, I bend down slightly as I take your cock in my mouth whilst still looking up at you I hand you a remote, you can see my pussy in the mirror with my remote egg just peeping out. You growl long and low, and start playing with the settings of the egg.

I lick the tip of your cock as you opt to use the remote to ramp up the egg with a moan I take your whole cock in my mouth I look up to you and you look down to me then back to the mirror, I can feel my pussy getting wet, and you can see my pussy getting wet I start playing with my clit with my finger whilst I continue sucking your cock. You throw the remote on the bed, grab my hair and start fucking my face with your cock. I can feel you betting harder and thicker throbbing as you continue to thrust your cock in my mouth. As you peak you opt to take your cock out of my mouth and cum instead all over my tits, as I start climbing to my own climax you remove the chemise off take my hand from my clit my egg from my pussy and push me against the mirror and roughly play with it with my arms above my head and kissing me hard as I cum.

You turn me around and throw me sideways onto the bed with my bum in the air, you thrust into my pussy without warning. Your watching the mirror and your concentrating on your rhythm as you reach my tits and play with my nipples, you growl as I moan, and I feel you thrust me harder,  you can feel my pussy already wet and throbbing from my first cumming start to throb again, my moans turning into screams with my saying sweetie fuck me harder, harder baby, you oblige each full stroke of your cock banging into my swollen wet pussy a little harder and a little faster, I can feel you getting thicker, your growls give way to moans, we both cum at the same time, you thrust me gently a few more seconds just to make sure I get every last drop of you, you turn me over you kiss and lick my pussy enjoying your handy work as you move up to my face our juices still on your lips you lean in and kiss me, taking me in your arms you roll over on the bed with me we lazily kiss whilst having cwtches and start dozing together.


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