Morning Sweetie Pt1.

It’s early, the sun is only just starting to touch the world outside, and you are as yet dead to the world. I am not happy with this idea, I am awake, I am horny and you have promised me a day full of sex before I go home this evening.

We’ve fallen asleep and are still cwtched up together in much the same position as when we last finished making love, 8 times in 16 hours, it’s really no wonder your still snoozing, just thinking back to your caresses make me shiver in want. My arm is draped over your middle, my head on your right shoulder with your right arm still protectively around my shoulders. I move slowly, I don’t want you awake just yet. I slowly bring my right arm down, and start stroking you slowly but firmly, you start to stir, and your member starts to harden under my hand – feeling pretty pleased with myself I continue, and with my other hand start to play with myself. You wake enough to say ‘hey baby.’ As I straddle myself across you sinking my wet pussy on to your proud upstanding hard member. Your defiantly awake now, and you growl your good morning and pull my face down to yours for a long hard kiss whilst also ensuring I take the full length of you by guiding my hips with your hands. You plant kisses from my mouth to my breasts and hungrily you lick and playfully bite on the nipples, enjoying the rhythmic bouncing of me on your member, soft yet vigorously, you take one hand off my hip and start to stroke my already swollen and wet clit, making me moan and bounce on you harder. I stop, and lean down kissing you first on the mouth and working soft kisses down your neck across your chest and down your belly alternating between kisses, nibbles and little licks, until I reach your hard cock, I lick up the sides before starting to lick your already swelling head hearing you growl and moan I take that as my cue to take your cock deep into my mouth whilst looking you in the eye the whole time, I feel you take hold of my hair. I stop and I tell you no touching or I’ll stop – your eyes plead otherwise but you know better than to mess with the lady in control.

I continue to suck your cock, whilst watching your face I can hear your moans and your growls getting deeper, your struggling to keep your eyes on mine, your close to cumming, I carry on, and you cum in my mouth. After I’ve swallowed your gift you’ve had enough of me being in control, you sit up to kiss me deeply and you tell me, ‘my turn’


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