The Lake Pt1

Beautiful early October day with a light breeze hanging in the air. Todays the day he thought looking at himself in the mirror as he got ready to surprise his girlfreind with a picnic by the lake.

As he packed the picnic into his hamper he looked over the items he had chosen that he knew she would enjoy, choritzo slices, mini bakewell tarts, cheetos, sour cream and chive dip, malteasers, strawberrys with fresh cream, and her favourite bottle of red wine, with 2 glasses he knew she would appreciate the effort he had made for this comination of food.
He didn’t bother packing plates, for what he had in mind they wouldn’t need them. He stopped by the linin pile before he left and placed a black satin sheet and the picnic blanket in his hamper.

As he locked his door his mind began to wander to the special place he was taking her too. A secluded lake deep in the woods with a jetty and boat shed – just in case it rained. He didn’t want his plans ruined as he knew it would be a while before he saw her again.

He turned the corner and saw her waiting across the road for him, she hadn’t seen him yet so he stopped to admire the veiw she was wearing her favourite deep blue jeans with a white vest top and a thin cardigan drapped over her left arm. He could see the siluette of her beautiful curves and his breath quickened when he thought he had caught the sight of an erect nipple. Although he had been dating her for more than six months she still left him breathless, his heart always skipped a beat and he fell in love with her just a little more each time he saw her.
He could see she was fiddling with her phone when he felt his vibrate in his pocket ‘i’m out front waiting for you, looking forward to our trip out today xxx’

He knew he was looking forward to his plans for the day and had been very careful when explaining to her that her natural and beautiful self should be ready & waiting for him by 10am for a day of r&r that he knew she needed. He called her phone and waved across the street and asked for her to cross to him,
As she drew closer he placed the hamper on the floor between the two of them, gazed into her eyes and drew her toward him. He wanted her to make sure she knew who was in charge that day. He looked down into her face slowly and gently cuped her face in his hands before leaning in and kissing her with a long deep kiss, she felt her moan as his hands gently brushed down the curves of her back and gently smacked her bum and leaving his hand to linger. As he pulled back he could see that her beautiful blue eyes had clouded slightly with the power of his kiss. She kissed him again, gently, stood on her tip toes and whispered i missed you too, He shivered and tingled at the warmth of her breath on his neck, he picked up the hamper placed his other arm around her and they started walking forward.

He paid for them both on the bus and they chatted about about what their plans were when she left the following morning, he started to feel a little sad he had spent a magical 2 weeks with her. He hit the stop button and helped her off the bus, there was a little walking to do to get to the lake, but he knew it wouldn’t be an issue for her, and that she would enjoy his company as they walked down the dusty dirty track.

After 20 minutes they arrived at the lake, and they wandered around to the far side where it was shadiest, he was conscious that she had very fair skin and sunburned easily so wanted to protect her as much as he could. he set out the picnic blanket, and left the food in his hamper. he wasn’t planning on rushing their time together today.

he asked her to sit down, and sat beside her with a lazy arm around her shoulders her tilted her face towards his with the other and gazes into her eyes, he could look into her big blue eyes for hours, it was the part he loved most about her, he leaned in and gave her a long soft kiss linked his arms together and pulled her into his chest as he laid back, she cuddled into him, her arm across his middle with her fingers entwined with his free arm and his other protectively around her occasionally moving to mock smack her bum, they kissed for what seemed like hours, when he realised her had managed to remove his shirt, her top and bra, he was impressed, and he could tell from her eyes she was enjoying having his undivided attention and that her passion was burning brightly.

she was still in his arms, and her large soft breasts were against his chest and her nipples were erect, he wondered if that was his effect or the slightly cool breeze on the air. he leaned in to kiss her again, gently rolling her on to her back, he captured her giggle and made a low growl – it was taking all his restraint not to just finish undressing her and just bang her to orgasm. she deserved his time and effort. he continues to kiss her as he removes her jeans, and growls as he finds she has no panties on.

He takes a hold of both of her wristband holds them above her head, and starts to let his free hand gently caress her starting at her breasts he traces light circles around her nipples and tweaks each one, causing her to take a sharp intake of breath, he moves lower rubbing and lightly touching along her stomach, gently making his way to her pussy he finds her already wet lips and gently starts to stroke feeling her body tense under him as he finds his way to her clit, he gently rubs circles over it, he looks up and see’s her bite her lip rather than cry out, he starts fingering her hole and thumbing her clit, as she arches her back and starts to moan, i start to feel her tremble under my touch i let go of her wrists  remove my own trousers and underwear, i pull her closer to me, my cock is already hard, i gently slide my cock inside her amazing wet pussy and raise her bum off the ground so that i can get my full length in to my soft but meaningful thrusts i can feel your body tremble, i opt to turn you over, put you on your knees and enter your pussy from behind in one quick and hard movement, she moans please sweetie, harder,  i oblige i pull almost completely out and slam it back in giving playful smacks on her arse each time i thrust back into her, i feel her pussy tighten as she begins to reach her climax, i slow it up as she comes, knowing it is not what she wants, but prolonging the climax, she trembles calls my name and i feel her squirt her cum all over myself, my cock is starting to throb hard at this point, i know she has cum, so i start to ramp up my speed and thrusts, she is screaming my name over and over and i start to growl louder and louder i finish by moaning her name  and exploding in her pussy, i continue gently thrusting into her pussy.

i turn her around and take her into my arms, i kiss her and give her cwtches, we lay back down on the blanket glad of the dense bushes to save her blushes, with her head on my shoulder once again i kiss her forehead and we doze lazily in the shade of the trees in the midday sun.



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